Wild Bill Politics

Three Types

(Sent to Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister)

There are three types of boy at school

The good, the bad and then the fool,

Bad is naughty through and through

He's only liked by a certain few.

Punish him! He will not care

But you can cure him Mr. Blair,

Take him out while he is young

Remove this naughty vulgar tongue.

A military school for this young yob

To curb the filth inside his gob,

Six months away from Mum or Dad

Might improve this naughty lad.

Now the fool gets by from day to day

School for him is a place to play,

He acts the goat and clowns around

In every classroom, one is found.

To punish him will not be nice

But in the future, he'll think twice,

He'll try his best but this is sad

Because he's held back with the bad.

If bad were out! No longer there

The fool would start to try and care,

He'd toe the line a fact you'll see

Providing Sir you hear my plea.

Now the good will always try his best

Perhaps just once he'll be a pest,

Punish him! He'll have a fright

From now on Sir, he'll do things right.

Law abiding he will be

Unlike the bad or fool you see,

Our children now we must not smack

We tell them off, they answer back.

Hearing little children swear

Because there's no deterrent there,

So Mr. Blair don't be a fool

Please introduce my Military school.


William Mckechnie

The Bus

I used to catch the local bus

Many years ago,

Where they get their Logic?

I guess I'll never know.

32 folk boarded

1 more including me,

33 in total

All paying 50p.

Not happy with this ticket fare

Being greedy for some more,

They increased the fare from 50p

To the new price 64.

The drivers' wages were the same

The cost of fuel was still,

I cannot understand at all

I guess I never will.

Another increase followed

This time it jumped a lot,

The distance was no different

90p for what?

We don't go any faster

The bus is still the same,

We've no one left to talk to

But still, we get the blame.

Now the bus runs empty

We see it every day

Where the hell is logic?

Logic's gone away.


William Mckechnie

The Pub

100 people in the pub

The total cash they spent,

£1,000 behind the bar

Before that night they went.

Then up go the prices

Breweries still want more,

Upsetting loyal customers

We've seen it all before.

They stay home with a carry out

The pub gets in a mess,

Little money changing hands

Profits less & less.

Again they up the prices

For the few who still go in,

Takings down by half

The Breweries never win.

Even I can see it

If they sat and had a think,

If prices fall the pub will fill

Tills will Chink! Chink! Chink!


William Mckechnie