Stories in Rhyme


This is the story of Nimnam

An Elf who could not read or write,

A tiny creature size of your thumb

Who was only visible at night.

He had a blue wand that was magic

It was curly with one single prong,

But Nimnam could not read or write

So its magical powers went wrong.

He aimed the wand at a toadstool

'Turn into a fountain' he said,

But it withered and died at his feet

And grass all around him turned red.

Wherever he pointed his magic wand

No matter how hard he tried,

Because he said the wrong words,

The objects withered and died.

Poor Nimnam got fed up with magic

He said 'it made him look a fool,'

He laid down his wand and picked up a pen

And then headed off to school.

The children of course could not see him

That was because they weren't able,

The daylight made Nimnam invisible

So he sat there unseen at the table.

Every day he went to school

Learning as much as he could,

Then after a year he decided to go

Back home to his house in the wood.

His mother was so pleased to see him

No longer her heart filled with sorrow,

'Oh! Where have you been my little Nimnam?'

He said, 'Mother! You'll find out tomorrow.'

Next day he got out his magical wand

'Calabunkum! Cabera! Caroo!'

A beautiful bunch of flowers appeared

'Here Mother! These flowers for you.'

His Mother stood with tears in her eyes;

She was too emotional to speak,

She picked up her little boy Nimnam

And gave him a kiss on his cheek.

He then waved his wand at the garden

'Calallputra! Caliptro! Catreen!'

The toadstool turned into a fountain

And grass he made red was now green.

Nimnam then said to his mother

'The other elves tended to mock!

Because of this I've learned a lesson

Don't run before you can walk.'


William Mckechnie

Nimnam's Antics

At half past ten this morning

Nimnam played a trick,

He yelled out 'Man is coming

Everybody! Run! Hide! Quick!'

The little elves were petrified

Man is their greatest fear,

Nimnam chuckled to himself

As he watched them disappear.

As soon as they were safe inside

He rang the all-clear bell,

'Come out! Come out! Where ever you are

Man's gone and all is well.'

He lay behind an old oak tree

No one saw him lurking,

He stayed quiet and he waited

Till all the elves were working.

Once more he jumped up shouting

'Everybody Quick! Run! Hide!

Man is coming man is coming'

Get yourself inside.

When everyone was out of sight

He rang the all-clear bell,

'Come out! Come out! Where ever you are

Man's gone and all is well.'

Wise people are not easily fooled

They crept into the wood,

Waiting to hear the voice again

Knowing, of course, they would.

Nimnam curled up laughing

But he was unaware,

No one was running for cover

Elves were all standing there.

'Having fun?' asked Brimwell

Nimnam jumped with fright,

'I'm sorry! Please don't punish me'

By now Nimnam was white.

Brimwell said to Nimnam,

Who was now in a stew,

'Do not do things to other people,

That you wouldn't like done to you.

Take my advice and learn from this

While you're still in your youth,

'If we tell lies no-one will believe us

Whenever we speak the truth.'


William Mckechnie

Nimnam's Greed

Nimnam was going to a party

But wasn't quite sure what to take,

He sat there and thought for a moment,

Then decided to make a nice cake.

He went down into the cellar

And brought up a sack full of wheat,

He got from cupboard his magical wand

And said, 'this will be a treat.'

He aimed his wand at the table

'Callasanta! Cassenta! Cassake!'

Quick as a flash there before him

Was a truly magnificent cake.

He thought he'd better taste it first

So he put some on a plate,

He ate a bit and then some more

Until it was too late.

'Oh dear! Oh dear!' Said Nimnam

'Now look what I've done,

I've eaten all this lovely cake

And now I'm left with none.

I'll have to think of something else'

He said rubbing his belly,

'That's it! I've got it,' Nimnam said

'I'll make a bowl of jelly.'

Once more he aimed his trusty wand

'Canaduntrum! Cananta! Catreem!'

A bowl of jelly then appeared

Covered with chocolate and cream.

He thought he'd better taste it first

To check it was okay,

He ate a bit and then some more

Till it was all away.

By this time Nimnam wasn't well

He cried out to his mummy,

'What is wrong with me?' he asked

'I have pains in my tummy.'

His mother asked, 'What have you eaten?'

He said, 'A cake and jelly'

'Well that's the reason you have a pain

Your eyes are to big for your belly!'


William Mckechnie

Nimnam's Wisdom

Today in Elvin stopple wood

When Brimwell's clock strikes three,

The elves have only got one hour

To find the Emerald Tree.

It happens every thousand years

And from the time they start,

The race is on to find the tree

That bears the Golden Heart.

'Can I enter?' Nimnam asked

'I'd really like to try,

To find the heart on the emerald tree

Oh please, Mother! Please can I?'

'Alright' she said, 'but take your time

And think before you start,

Remember son! More haste less speed!

Will help you find the Heart.'

'Attention!' Shouted Brimwell

'May the best elf win?

Three, two, one, go!

Let the race begin.'

The flag went up the elves ran on

But Nimnam stood quite still,

He thought about his Mother's words

Then, climbed up the hill.

Once up there the view was great

As far as he could see,

And there right in the middle

Was the beautiful Emerald Tree.

He looked to find his bearings

Then walked down the hill,

He found the tree in no time

With precision speed and skill.

Nimnam reached for golden heart

And took it from the tree,

He took the heart to Brimwell

Then yelled 'I've won yippee!'


William Mckechnie

Nimnam's Courage

Nimnam was feeding all the young ducks

Down at Delmana Gloyd pond,

When suddenly a bully approached him

And snatched away his magic wand.

'Give me that back' shouted Nimnam

But the bully got nasty and rude,

He pushed Nimnam to the ground

Then threw wand high as he could.

'Ha! ha! ha! Ha!' Laughed the bully

As the wand fell into the water,

Nimnam's body was shaking

You'll pay for that, you big rotter.'

Nimnam stood up clenching his fists

And said, 'I am going to thump you,'

But the bully just laughed and ran off

Because that is what most bullies do.

He stood there and thought for a moment

Then cried for a minute or two,

What will his mother say when he gets home?

Poor Nimnam was now in a stew.

Worrying about mother and what she would say

He forgot all about the Warlock,

He'd taken the shortcut through Brimlow Monte

Soon he was in for a shock.

The elves had been warned again and again

That the way home is safe but beware,

Never come home through Brimlow Monte

Because the Great Zebran lives there.

Zebran the Warlock would eat him for sure

So Nimnam walked quiet as a mouse,

He came to an opening and there out in front

Was Zebran standing there at his house.

His immediate reaction was to run away

But he saw something next to a stone,

He moved a bit closer to see what it was

It was a wand the same as his own.

He lay on the grass and waited

Knowing he would have to abscond,

But all he could think of at that present time

Was getting his hands on that wand.

As soon as Zebran went into the house

He knew there was no time to fret,

If he was to get this magical wand

This was the best chance he would get.

Grabbing the wand and then running off

Was all over quick as a flash,

His fear had now turned to excitement

As he made his getaway dash.

'Now I will sort out that bully'

He said with a smile on his face,

But Nimnam could not find him anywhere

He'd vanished without a trace.

Nimnam was in for a shock back at home

Zebran was there at his door,

'I'm sorry to you Mr. Zebran,' he said

'I just wanted to settle a score.'

He explained to his mother what happened

She was annoyed he'd acted this way,

'There was no need to look for the bully

He was scared that's why he ran away.'

Revenge is not always the answer

As this has been proven tonight,

Nimnam has learned a new lesson

Two wrongs don't make a right!

But he's also made an impression

With all the courage he's shown,

Zebran has allowed him use of his wand

To help Nimnam get back his own.

'There is one condition' said Zebran

'My magical wand you can borrow,

What you must do is your mother and you

Must come for your dinner tomorrow' 


William Mckechnie

Nimnam's Watch

Nimnam was late for his supper again

His mother was cross and said,

'If you can't come home in time for your tea

Then you can go straight to your bed.'

'But mother!' said Nimnam, 'I don't have a watch

There isn't a clock in the wood,

I really did not know what time it was

That's why I'm late for my food.'

'Tomorrow' she said, 'We'll go to the cave

I'll buy you a watch wait and see,

Then you can play out as much as you want

But dare you be late for your tea.'

The following day they went to the cave

Calling in at jewellers McHime,

'Dear Sir! My son needs a wristwatch

So that he will know the time.'

After an hour he found one he liked

It had buttons all over with sounds,

Nimnam was happy but mother was not

Because this one cost ninety-five pounds.

When they returned home his mother said

'For your sake, you best not be late'

Nimnam said, 'Mother don't worry

I'll be home precisely at eight'

He went to the field to play football

Stayed there two hours or so,

He looked at his watch! Seven fifty-five

There was only five minutes to go.

He ran like the wind in no time at all

He got in as his watch struck eight,

'Mother! I'm home for my supper

I told you I would not be late.'

He shouted in vain his mother was out

His supper was still in the pot,

'Oh this is just typical' said Nimnam

I'm home on time and Mum's not.

Eventually, his Mother arrived at the door

She apologised for being late back,

Said Nimnam to mother! 'What time is this?

Pot calling the kettle black!'


William Mckechnie

Where's Jack?

Little Miss Muffet sat in the corner

Waiting patiently for Jack,

Little Boy Blue said, 'give me a clue

What time do you think he'll be back?'

'He's gone to the field for a picnic

He left here with Little Bo Peep,'

'Give me a kiss' said Little Boy Blue

Miss Muffet said, 'push off you creep.'

He ran to the door and gave it a kick

He shouted back 'thanks for nowt,

Next time I won't ask, I'll just do it'

Miss Muffet yelled, 'go on get out.'

He went to the field there was nobody there

He stood thinking, 'Where can they be?

I could try Baker or Candlestick Maker

I've got it! I'll ask Humpty Dumptee.'

He arrived at the Palace too late

His running at all been in vain,

All the Kings men were trying their best

To put Humpty together again.

He saw Simple Simon along with a pieman

So Blue tapped him once on his back,

He turned round to Blue, said 'What's up with you?'

'I don't suppose you have seen Jack?'

'Well actually I saw him this morning

With Tweedledum and Tweedledee,

Along with a fairy, and Contrary Mary

He stopped and bought a pie from me.'

'Have you any spare food asked Blue?

A bun or a pie I would like,

I haven't a penny, have you got any?'

Said Simon to Blue, 'On your bike.'

He went to the Butcher, Bo Peep was there

Buying burgers for Old Mr. Green,

Said Little Boy Blue who was now in a stew

'Bo Peep, where on earth have you been?

I've been all over Nursery Land looking for Jack

Miss Muffet said he was with you,'

Bo Peep answered quick, 'I was a bit sick

After seeing dead cock-a-doodle-do.'

At that came Tom the Pipers Son

For Half a pound of Tuppeny rice,

Lucy Locket let out a scream

'Over there look Three Blind Mice.'

Little Boy Blue turned quickly and flew

He rode away on a cockhorse,

'Where are you going?' Yelled Little Bo Peep

'I'm going down to Banbury Cross.'

Hey, Diddle Diddle, he was quick as a fiddle

In no time at all, he was gone,

He bumped into Polly, who seemed rather jolly

So he told her, to put kettle on.

They went in the house she made pot of tea

He sat there and lit up a fag,

He near made a mess, when she dropped her dress

It was only our Jack in Drag


William Mckechnie

Willhum Shakesrear

What's in a name? That which we call a rose

All the world's a stage,

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

You must work here to get a good wage.

If music be the food for love, play on

To be or not to be,

The lady doth protest too much

But she does like to moan doth she

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio

To sleep, perchance to dream,

Oh Romeo, Romeo wherefore fart Romeo

There's a smell over here and some steam

Such stuff as dreams are made on

Parting is such sweet sorrow,

What a piece of work is a man

Getting rid of that smell for tomorrow.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars

The smell is giving me tears,

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below

The quality of mercy is not strained,

The winter of our discontent

The smell from this man be contained

Cowards die many times before their deaths

Prodigious birth, Out, dammed spot,

All that glitters is not gold

And neither did that from his bott.

Alas, poor Yorick, The plays the thing

Blow, blow, though winter wind

A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!

I'm sure that fart was skinned.

Asses are made to bear, and so are you

For goodness sake, Foregone conclusion

When shall we three meet again?

When undies get rid of intrusion

Give me my robe, put on my crown

Now we go in content,

The noblest Roman of them all

I do wish now you had went.

The green-eyed monster, An itching palm

Oh what men dare do!

Chaos is come again, the crack of doom

Out popped that number two.

Something wicked this way comes

Oops, there's another bubble,

Budge an inch, Cruel to be kind

Double, double toil and trouble.

Good riddance, Breathe one's last

I've taken cakes and ale,

Knock, knock! Who's there?

A pound of flesh that's stale.

The serpents egg, it smells to Heaven

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more,

Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed

Oh, my bottom is very sore.

What the dickens, A sorry sight

Passing strange, Sweets to the sweet,

A little touch of nature

Never the two shall meet. 


William Mckechnie

Look Before You Leap

A Baby worm was helpless 

As it slithered on the ground,

No eyes to warn of danger

No ears to hear a sound

A Blackbird flying overhead 

Looked down and saw it there

'Some food for me' thought Blackbird 

'A juicy worm ├ęclair'

Blackbird then flew down

From safety in the sky

Unaware of danger 

From Tomcat standing by

Blackbird stared at worm 

And was just about to peck

When he felt a load of claws 

Clasp round his scrawny neck

Tomcat was not watching 

Then it heard woof woof

He looked at empty kennel 

Then saw dog up on roof

Tomcat quickly let bird go 

Worm then made his plea

'Please, Mr. Blackbird Sir! 

Please Sir! Don't eat me'

The dog showed Tomcat teeth 

His owner reached for bat

'Get away from that blackbird 

You horrible nasty cat'

Tomcat ran for cover 

Black bird jumped and flew

Spade came down whoosh 

And halved the worm in two

Baby worm screamed out 

But things not  what they seem

The baby worm was sleeping 

And this was all a dream 


William Mckechnie