Poems about God, Jesus, Satan, etc, and written by myself, William McKechnie. All poems are copyrighted.  Please show your gratitude by leaving an appreciation

Short Stories

Against Time

There's no more pain or sorrow
When their time comes to part,
For them, a light to follow
But for you a broken heart.

There is no negotiation
So please try to repair
There's no returning ticket
Once they do reach there.

There's no time like the present
If words must be spoken,
You will never have another chance
Once your heart has broken.

Before God sends his angels
Like he does do every day,
Use this time to make your peace
Before they pass away.


A is for Always believing
That one day you will see his light,
L is for Leading the others
To show them which path is right.

M is for Making the changes
To ensure you are free of sin,
I is for If you can do it?
When ready! He'll let you in.

G is to Gain his respect
It's your time to make a new start,
H is for Him! Royal Highness
So invite Him into your heart.

T is for Taking your time
Making sure you understand,
Y is for Yielding his glory
The day he takes you by the hand. 


The very day I pass away
I'll leave this shell behind,
Travelling to a better place
His Paradise I'll find.

The Kingdom of our Gracious Lord
Where all are free from sin,
I know that when I get there
He'll say "child! Please come in"

Once I'm through St Peters' gates
My grief will turn to joy,
As I embrace my loved ones
Whom I lost when just a boy.

Kingdom, Paradise, Heaven?
They're all the same to me,
I tell no lie, the day I die
His Angels I will see. 


To Pray to God is easy
Like a telephone call but free,
His line is always open
Try it out and see.

A twenty-four-hour service
You know He's always there,
Tell Him your concerns
Let Him know you care.

Tell Him that you love Him
Thank Him for this day,
Tell Him He's terrific
This is how you Pray.

Your Bible is your line to Him
Lift it up and look,
How can you accept His call?
If your phone is off the hook.

He is a caring Father
Who hates to see you fall,
So do not wait till it's too late
Go now! And make that call.

Eternal Life

Eternal life is there for all
If wanted! Then it's there,
Ask the Lord into your heart
Let Him hear your prayer.

You do not have to pray to Him
In church to gain some skill,
God loves and cares for you
He's given you free will.

God knows all about you
His angels walk the earth,
They have always been there
Right from start! Your birth.

Yes Pearly gates are open
But not all venture in,
Don't be fooled into thinking
That you can just walk in.

You have to earn your place
Where non-sinners are rife,
On judgment day He'll decide
If you've earned eternal life.


Lord Almighty come to me
Hear my Solemn Prayer,
You do not have to answer Lord
I know that you are there.

I feel the Holy Spirit
Yet I tempt you, Lord, I know,
But I am still an infant?
And will need some time to grow.

I've been a Sinner Father
But now my head is clear,
As long as you are in my heart
You will take away my fear.

My fear of being rejected
My fear of being alone,
My greatest fear of losing Faith
As falling back is known.

I know though it won't happen
I knew that from the start,
That precious day I met You Lord
When you came into my heart.

God is Forgiving

I don't go to church
And I never pray,
But God is forgiving
He made me this way.

Sometimes I swear
Sometimes I lie,
But God is forgiving
He knows that I try.

Sometimes I sin
Sometimes I doubt,
But God is forgiving
He's there to help out.

Sometimes I ask Him
So I can see,
My God is forgiving
And He forgives me. 


I logged on to the Internet
Through my ISP,
Hoping to reach the web site
Of Him! The Boss! Big 'G'.

I found Him in the Bible
He's mentioned quite a lot,
Very popular worldwide
Though down below He's not.

I typed in g.heaven.com
Pressed return and there!
A message on the web page
To read out loud His Prayer.

Our Father who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come thy will be done
Click here to play my game.

So I clicked and I was taken
To a page that showed this Cross,
A question was beside it
Who do you think is Boss?

You only have one chance
If you want to see my light,
Ask me into your heart, and
You'll know which answer's right.

Heaven Eternal Light & Peace

Help me Lord to understand
Help me Lord to see,
Help me Lord to forgive those
Who in the past hurt me.

Help me change my selfish ways
Help me cleanse my mind,
Help me Lord I beg of you
I don't want left behind.

Help me Lord from this day forth
Help me Lord to be,
Help me Lord to talk to you
Sometimes it's hard for me.

Help me Lord to do things right
Help me Lord get through,
Help me Lord to make my peace
Then I can be with you.

His Key

The Pearly Gates to Heaven
Need unlocking with a key,
If the Lord is in your heart
His Angels you will see.

Without Him in your heart
When you meet your fate,
You will not have the key
That will unlock His gate.

Heaven is Gods Paradise
Where all are free from Sin,
Without Him in your heart
Then you will not get in.

Tell Him that you love Him
Tell Him you are free,
Ask Him into your heart
Then you will have His key

His Light

There is a light that's shining
For all the world to see,
Shining bright the Lords light
Keep shining down on thee.

Oh precious light so pure and bright
All other lights are fake,
As long as you keep shining Lord
Your righteous path I'll take.

Your light shines bright and pure
Your light I did explore,
So crystal clear I have no fear
You will live for ever more.

I Know

I know that you are watching Lord
I know deep down you care,
I know that you can hear me Lord
Each time I say your prayer.

I know Lord that you listen
I know you will not judge,
I know you will forgive me Lord
That you will hold no grudge.

I know the day I pass away
I know you'll understand,
I know when Angel comes for me
I'm going to promised land. 


I sleep all day I sleep all night
I'm dead you see I had a fright,
I saw the torso of my friend
Which finally sent me to my end.

My Soul abandoned cannot yell
Alarm going off yet I hear no bell,
Satan whispered in my ears
At what I'd done throughout the years.

My past existence all came out
Satan angry starts to shout,
"You might think you're here to rest
But you will suffer little pest".

"One trillion years or maybe more
Will be terror for you, you little bore,"
"Lord please help me don't be cruel"
"Shut up! You stupid crying fool".

"Your God has left you can't you see
That's why you are here with me",
"For I to keep your Spirit, well!
Here in my place known as HELL"!


"I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low,"
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now on your way child, go."

"I need someone to share my thoughts
To help me through each day,"
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now go child on your way."

"I need someone to carry me
Whenever I go wrong,"
"Look no further," said the Lord
"Now go child run along."

"I need someone to help me
To make sure I get through,"
"Look no further," said the Lord
"For I am here with you."


P is a Promise to free from all sin
A is for Angels they'll fly you in,
R is Reaching core of your heart,
A is for Always willing to start,

D is for Death it comes to us all,
I is Infinity when it's your call,
S is Sincere to help you with strife,
E is for? You guessed it Eternal Life.

Tight Spot

When in times of trouble
When you are distraught,
Say a prayer by all means but!
Don't put Him on the spot.

When in times of sorrow
When unsure what's what?
Say a prayer by all means but!
Don't put Him on the spot.

If you're feeling very cold
Or opposite so hot,
Say a prayer by all means but!
Don't put Him on the spot.

Perhaps you've lost your Job
And income you have naught,
Say a prayer by all means but!
Don't put Him on the spot.

God is there He'll listen
God loves you a lot,
God will not forsake you so! 
Don't put Him on the spo

Busy Book

Every day in Heaven
St Peter has a look,
To see who's next in line
From his very busy book.

Some are only pencilled in
So eraser he can get,
These are special people
Who aren't quite ready yet.

Other names in ink
Your time is up and so,
Angel on its way for you
But which way will you go?

Towards the light in Heaven
Or burning flames of Hell,
I guess you won't find out
Till it's too late! Oh well. 

Which Flight?

Angel flights take you to heaven
From your home, if you wish to know,
They will fly you to destination
Paradise is the best place to go.

You don't want to go somewhere nasty
There is nowhere as hellish as there,
You can book your ticket well in advance
You'll find you can book it through prayer.

So if you are planning on leaving
There's someone important to tell,
Cause if you should book the wrong flight
Red Devils will fly you to hell.

Which Light?

There's a light at the end of the tunnel
That everyone will see,
It all depends on how you've been
Which light it will be.

If you're a Christian person
And good in the Lord's eyes,
The day you die the light you'll see
Will lead to Paradise.

But if you've led a wicked life
Then time for you will tell,
The only light that you will see
Will lead you straight to HELL!


Where is the bright light from Heaven?
Who sees this light and why?
Will this light shine on you?
You'll only find out when you die.

The Lord has a Place up in Heaven
A Pure Paradise with no cost,
When He shines his light you will be
Re-united with loved ones you lost.

So when that time comes and it will
When He decides it's time to die,
If you have the Lord in your heart
You'll soon be with Him in the sky.

True Story

November 89 a car crash I was in
Left me injured in a lot of pain,
August 1990 I was fit for work
I assure you I am not insane.

I used to be an atheist, was for 30 years
In fact, I used to mock about the cross,
Jesus wasn't real well wasn't real to me
So personally I didn't give a toss.

Going to Christian church was not my cup of tea
But singing songs were upbeat and fun,
All was going well then told them "where to go" 
Converting me was tried by everyone.

I stayed away a while till apologies I got
Then got an invite to fundraising night,
Told "I would enjoy no one would preach to me"
So I let down my guard and said "Alright."

I went back to Church and sang those merry songs
Preacher asked "for volunteers! A plea,
To help move bricks and sand from front of house to back
For a man who was unable, ill you see."

Now here is what I thought a room filled with Christians
Many volunteers would volunteer,
But not one hand went up and I was feeling guilty
So raised my hand and shouted, "Over here."

I was there a long time there was a lot to move
The pain I felt in back was so intense,
I got home and went to bed wishing now I were dead
What happened next is in God's defence.

From tips of toes to head whilst I lay there on bed
A wavering sensation over me,
I passed out no lie asleep I could not cry
When I awoke all pain had gone you see.

It was June 1990 I entered swimming pool
Being submerged a born again was I,
I've been given many gifts that no one can explain
I can write like this! Don't need to try.

So if you are an atheist I used to to be the same
Something has to give for you to start,
For me, it was much pain sending me insane
But that's when Jesus came into my heart. 

Finding Neverland

I could go North, I could go South
East or West by ground,
Fly or sail the seven seas
To find what must be found.

Neverland by J.M. Barrie
He was a clever man,
With so much imagination
Writing book on Peter Pan.

Neverland a fictional story
For all parents to tell,
Their children about the lost boys
And small fairy Tinkerbell.

Main character is Peter Pan
His enemy Captain Hook,
Native Americans "Redskins"
All characters in his book.

To reach Neverland states Peter
Before the sun is dawning,
One must fly second to the right
And straight on till morning.

Once there you don't grow older
Peter Pan stays child forever,
J.M. Barrie is a legend
I wish I was that clever.

But Neverland is sort of real
In fact that when we die,
Like Nana and all the children
We too will get to fly.

The Angel just like Peter
Will reach to you his hand,
For you to place your hand in his
Then fly to Neverland.

A Place where you don't age
You can't reach there on foot,
You need the likes of Peter Pan
The Angel showing route.

So Neverland and where to find it
It's there for all to see,
You just need faith in Jesus Christ
And that's where it will be. 


You only live once
Well that's not true,
You can live again
But it's up to you.

Before you die and
Soul does part,
Invite Lord Jesus
Into your heart. 

Sin City

We all have a purpose
That's why we're here
Whatever that purpose may be,
God has a plan
For each woman and man
But haven't worked out yet for me.

When you are through
It's not up to you
Each day St Peter will look,
He'll call out no lie
And Angels will fly
After hearing your name in his book.

Which way you go!
Till death, you won't know
If Angel's red you can tell,
No Heaven for you
No waiting in queue
You'll be going straight to Hell.

See no one gets in
For those full of sin,
God and St Peter don't pity,
To see his light
Make sure you do right
If not! You're going to Sin City. 

Try to Forgive

We're on this planet Earth
For a short amount of time,
Life's too short for enemies
So take heed from this rhyme.

We say things we don't mean
Too late once words are spoken,
Many words are said in haste
But many hearts then broken.

Two sides to every story
But keep this view in sight,
We all have a different opinion
So who's to say who's right?

Before the Angel sets off
If you've something to say!
Make your peace on Earth
Before loved one's pass away. 

Fred the Prawn

There once was a prawn
Who was mean as could be,
He caused so much trouble
Down there in the sea.

One day he met Christian
A prawn who could sing,
He said he must follow
Because he was King.

Now Christian was curious
And asked a few whales,
"If Fred was the king of
Saltwater tales."

The whales said "Be wary
Fred is a liar,
One day he'll be taken
Below to Hell fire."

So Christian ignored Fred
But Fred took it bad,
He climbed on a seahorse
And set off quite mad.

He run down a lobster
Poor thing it died,
And all the sea creatures
Stopped swimming and cried.

The Lord lost his patience
Told Fred "it's no lark,
You're no longer a prawn
Now you're a shark."

At first he was happy
But soon feeling low
All fish were frightened
And hid away so.

But he started being good
And helped everyone,
The Good Lord saw this
And said, "it was done."

From shark to a prawn
It happened quite quick,
Fred was so happy
And felt pretty slick.

All sea creatures cheered
Including the whales,
Now that's not the end
Of saltwater tales.

Fred looked for Christian
And gave him a kiss,
"I've something to tell you
Can you guess what it is?

I'm a prawn again Christian"  

Christian Aid

I wake up every morning
And look out of my window
Before me, I see trees so green,
Then I think of other people
Who get up every morning
What God gave to me they've never seen.

When I go to the bathroom
I have a body wash
Brush teeth and usually use the loo,
Then I think of other people
Who get up every morning
Simple things like this they cannot do.

When I go for my breakfast
I open all the cupboards
All because I have the choice of many,
Then I think of other people
Who go to have their breakfast
But usually, inside theirs they haven't any.

When I leave for work
I get inside my car
Turn on radio hey it's pretty cool,
Then I think of other people
Who have no means of transport
And have to walk everywhere as a rule.

Each day for my lunch
I go to local bar
Eat fish and chips or a steak instead,
Then I think of other people
When they go for lunch
If lucky! They'll have a slice of bread.

When I'm feeling thirsty
I go to water fountain
It's germ-free, cold and pretty swell
Then I think of other people
Who have no such clean water
Their water comes from a dirty well.

When I run a bath
Or step into the shower
Shampoo hair and gel to keep me nice,
Then I think of other people
Who have no bath or shower
Washing once a month or maybe twice.

How many are like me?
Who do these many things
Things we take for granted every day,
Please think about those others
Instead of just yourself
Tonight my friends I ask you all to pray.

Pray please for other people
In hope that world leaders
Send humanitarian aid for all,
Every week is Christian week
Please don't turn the other cheek
Pick up phone give Christian Aid a call. 

Which Angel?

Angels are in Heaven
I believe this to be true,
And for everyone on earth
There's a special one for you.

And when you die and leave
Your shell behind on land,
The Angel who's assigned to you
Will take you by the hand.

Now that's the time to worry
I want you all to know,
How you've lived your life on earth
Will determine where you'll go.

If you've lived a peaceful life
And been good in Lord's eyes,
That day the Angel comes for you
You'll fly to Paradise.

But if you've led a wicked life
For you, it won't be swell,
The Angel's going to take you
Straight to burn in Hell. 

Angel Said

A song on iTunes

There's a star shining bright
In the night sky
I am wondering if it is you?
The Lord called your name
So the Angel came
There was nothing I could do.

Angel Said "For you to hold his hand"
He would guide you to the Promised Land

When you left
Wasn't your time to go?
But I couldn't stop you from dying,
When I looked at your face
I could feel this empty space
But I knew that you were now flying.

Angel Said, "That it was time to part"
You left me nursing this broken heart

Close my eyes
Now I can see you
I can picture you in my mind,
When I look to the stars
In the night sky
I am hoping you I can find.

Angel Said "Come along child with me"
Heaven now is the best place to be.

Only time
Can take my pain away
Free me from all this sorrow,
You will always be there
In my heart and prayer
Who knows where I'll be tomorrow?

Flood of Tears

The reason why it rains so much
Increasing through the years,
Is because God is unhappy
Rain comes from his tears.

He cried for 40 days and nights
Floodwaters came to land,
You'll find Noah in the Bible
Please read and understand.

He created a beautiful planet
Completed it in only 6 days,
The seventh was day of rest
So folks could give him praise.

It worked well for many years
But sin soon ruled and then,
Instead of praising God
Men killed other men.

God's beautiful world is dying
Being killed off by mankind,
If we don't change our ways
What grandchildren will find.

Is them fighting for survival
The weak being first to die,
Please help save the planet
Then God won't need to cry. 

Our Footprint

Coronavirus is stealing lives
We won't forget in a hurry,
Never before not in peacetime
Have we seen so many worry.

Sadly lots have died
Many more deaths to be,
Someone dying before their time
Not something we want to see.

Bit take a closer look though
What pandemic is doing,
It's lowering air pollution
Look at China! Sky is blueing.

Millions of people on Earth
Staying home for self-isolation,
Thus reducing carbon monoxide
From vehicles across every nation.

Those who survive this crisis
I do hope you will bear in mind,
Whatever we do before we die
We all leave a footprint behind.

Accept or Deny?

Jesus came back to earth
Like he did years before,
Politicians and army chiefs
Marched him through the door.

They interrogated him
Much doubt sprung to mind,
They demanded a miracle"
Not one person was kind.

Followers who believed in him
Voiced their faith out loud,
But army threw in tear gas
To help disperse the crowd.

The Lord institutionalised
Claimed, "he was out of his head,"
But like he did those years ago
He forgave them all and said.

"Oh Father please forgive them
For they do not realise,
That when they die they will see
Your light in Paradise."

The politicians said to him
"Ok Lord let us see!
How can you get out of here?
When you don't have a key!

"Everyone inside mocked him
"This is the Lord? Yes right!
Let's see you get out of this one" 
He was gone that very night.

I wonder what would happen?
If the Lord returned to thee,
Would history repeat itself?
Or would they set him free?

Branching Out

God held out his hand
And in his palm you see,
A tiny little seedling
That would grow to a tree.

He sowed it into ground
It was nurtured every day,
The sun helped make it grow
Man then came its way.

The tree stood all alone
But fruit it did not bear,
Man used tree for firewood
No longer tree was there.

From the tree a seedling
Fell down to the ground,
It grew producing fruit
This is what man found.

Tree was then protected
No longer mind was hollow,
He learned by his mistake
And chose new path to follow.

Are You Listening?

Loneliness can be a killer
Being on your own is not good,
You have to see other people
Meet for a drink or food.

Sitting alone is not healthy
Lacking in some exercise,
Sitting all day on the laptop
This isn't good for your eyes.

We all need a friend to confide in
Allowing our depression to go,
Remember! Sadness can kill
Especially when feeling low.

I'm hoping Lord you're there
I'm hoping you've heard my plea,
I want to stay a bit longer
So please Lord let me be.

I'm no good to you in Heaven
I know I've been a schmuck,
But Lord if you can hear me please?
I could do with a wee bit of luck. 

Back & Forth

Every day in Heaven
The Good Lord has a look,
To see who's next in line
From St Peter's busy book.

I'm sure he has his reasons
Why he takes away,
The people that we love
Each and every day.

He gives the gift of life
Then takes a life away,
But then he gives it back
To someone else next day.

He gave us all a body
A heart and then a brain,
Then he gave us life
So we could feel the pain.

Pain when heart is broken
When we lose the one we love,
When he takes that life back to
His kingdom up above.

Father's Facelift

God has decided to move with the times
To encourage new blood with the old,
Heaven is having a face-lift
So let this new venture be told.

New clouds with Angels in waiting
For Atheists though? No they ain't,
An escalator now replacing the stairs
Pearly Gates! A new lick of paint.

A change in the way of arrival
Instead of leaving it to chance
Now if you want into Heaven
You have to book well in advance

Genesis - Wednesday

There's 52 Wednesdays per year
Those follow a Tuesday each week,
Following day is a Thursday
Sunday is the end of the week.

But let us go back in time when
Wednesdays were not there at all,
But neither was man or woman
So God invented the ball.

He placed this ball out in space
He called it "Earth" that's right,
He put the sun in our Heavens
Then spun us for day and night.

"Wednesday" the good Lord then said,
"Let the waters under the sky,
Be gathered to one place"
In the Bible, you'll find it no lie.

He said, "Let dry ground appear"
His work was all in hand,
And it was so on Wednesday
Third-day dry ground was land.

All the waters that gathered
He called "Seas" and this was good,
On Wednesday on land and water
He produced an abundance of food.

If it was not for Wednesday
No one would have food there,
So before you fill your tummy
Thank the Lord in Prayer 

Thank Him for the Beginning
Genesis please take a look,
You'll find it in the Holy Bible
Certainly worth reading His book