Music for Sale

All Music is Original

Unsigned! So What? is an instrumental Album containing a mixture of different Genres.  

It was first released as a protest album aimed at Mainstream Radio Stations to say 'Look! Just because I'm unsigned doesn't mean my music isn't good enough to air' 

01. A Night out at Blackpool Tower
02. Angel Said
03. Angelena
04. Dying Planet
05. Fairy Lights
06. Goodnight Friends
07. He Will Not Forsake You
08. I Was There
09. Lusia
10. Maybe it's Time
11. Please Don't Go
12. Short and Sweet
13. So True
14. Sunset
15. Tribulation
16. Tropical Sunset
17. You and I

Cazonia is 3 instrumentals of Electronic Dance

01. BLX
02. Eclipse
03. Maybe

Country Blue Grass is an instrumental Album with a mixture of Country & Bluegrass

01. Blue Back Reel
02. Crocodile Tears
03. Don't Look Back
04. Every Step of the Way
04. Flancio
05. Flying High
06. Just for Kicks
07. Land of Fathers (1960's style Western)
08. Tip Top
09. Western Skies (1960's style Western)

Viennese Waltz is an instrumental Album

01. Just Love Me Unconditionally
02. Key to My Heart
03. Mother Theresa
04. My Sweet Samantha
05. Shortish Waltz
06. Slowly Sinking
07. Sol Vero Waltz (Made up of 7 compositions)

March Elite is an instrumental Album 

01. Madeira
02. Moving on and Never Looking Back
03. Queen Salute
04. Scotlands Glory (Instruments added)

A mixture of original songs and instrumentals

01. Fluffy Snow (Video on Youtube)
02. Christmas Star (Video on Youtube)
03. Key to Christmas 
04. Angel Said (Video on Youtube)
05. Velucia (Video on Youtube)
06. March of the Elves (Video on Youtube)
07. Meddling Pixies (Video on Youtube)
08. My Christmas Wish (Video on Youtube)
09. Santa Claus is Coming (Video on Youtube)
10. Wait! Christmas isn't Over
11. Welcome to Santa's Christmas Grotto (Video on Youtube)
12. What I Want for Christmas 
13. Fluffy Snow Instrumental

Nutty Christmas is 3 original Christmas songs taken from Key to Christmas Fluffy Snow Album suited for young children or Adults who enjoy listening to Chipmunks

01. Fluffy Snow
02. Key to Christmas
03. Santa Claus is Coming

I Want to See Daddy is a protest single about children who are not allowed to see their Daddy because Mummy & Daddy are no longer together

A child has a right to spend quality time with both parents.  Too many Mother's lie to police and courts about their ex-partner in order to stop contact and this is wrong.

Children have rights!