Everything on this page is copyrighted but free to download for your own personal use. All music composed by myself William Mckechnie alias Wild Bill Entertainer.

Fluffy Snow from Album Nutty Christmas on Spotify & iTunes

Halloween Track

From the album March Elite on Spotify & iTunes

A song for New Years Eve

Viennese Waltz

Inspired after hearing Wurlitzer Organ at Blackpool Tower

Flamenco from the album Country Blue Grass on Spotify & iTunes

Piano finger exercise Chalk & Cheese

Velucia (Fairy Waltz) from album Key to Christmas Fluffy Snow on Spotify & iTunes

Inspired after watching partner dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Ober Waltz

Don't Give in to Temptation

I Was There from album Unsigned! So What? on Spotify & iTunes

Inspired after watching Greeks dancing