Choking Adult

For an adult who is choking!

Don't panic! And don't shout,

Stay calm and reassure them

Encourage coughing out.

If that is not effective?

Still congestion of the neck?

Give back blows between shoulder blades

After five! Re-check.

Next! Is the Heimlich manoeuvre

Was his technique to fame,

But did not like back blows

Associated with his name.

Now called abdominal thrust

What this is all about!

By forcing up the diaphragm

Might force that blockage out.

So stand behind the casualty

Place hands round waist to front,

Grasp fist pull in and upward

Just enough to hear them grunt.

Always check between each phase

To see if clear and fine?

But if after 3 attempts have failed?

You must call 9 9 9.

Now if you use abdominal thrust

This is important you see,

There's a possibility of rupture

Please insist they attend A & E

It's better to be safe than sorry

Abdominal thrust they were needing

But if an organ has been ruptured inside

They could have internal bleeding.


William Mckechnie