I was inspired to write my own Christmas song after watching a movie called 'About A Boy' starring Hugh Grant.   August 2012, I composed a Christmas swing, and the following week I wrote the lyrics for 'Fluffy Snow.'  I released the song to iTunes 2014 and promoted it everywhere myself.      At the bottom of the page is a photo gallery of other radio stations that have aired Fluffy Snow.

I'm 100% positive if my Christmas songs were performed by an artist such a Sir Cliff Richard they would definitely reach the UK's top 40.

After Fluffy Snow I worked on 'Key to Christmas Fluffy Snow'    

I wasn't satisfied with the lyrics or my vocals so I used the lyrics from 'Key to Christmas', renamed it 'Fall Of Snow', and got it professional recorded by Jay Stansfield and released to iTunes. Spotify etc.

Silvano Vacca allowed me the use of his animation video for Christmas Star

I've been told Christmas Star would make a good Nativity Song.

Below is another sample available as single or from same album

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