I need a friend to be with me

Whenever I am low,

'Look no further,' said the Lord

'Now on your way child, go.'

I need someone to share my thoughts

To help me through each day,

'Look no further,' said the Lord

'Now go child, on your way.'

I need someone to carry me

Whenever I go wrong,

'Look no further,' said the Lord

'Now go child run along.'

I need someone to help me

To make sure I get through,

'Look no further,' said the Lord

'For I am here with you.' 


William Mckechnie

Mo Bible

To Pray to God is easy

Like a telephone call but free,

His line is always open

Try it out and see.

A twenty-four-hour service

You know He's always there,

Tell Him all your problems

Let Him know you care.

Tell Him that you love Him

Thank Him for this day,

Tell Him He's terrific

Here's one way to Pray.

Your Bible is your line to Him

Lift it up and look,

How can you communicate?

If your phone is off the hook.

He is a caring Father

Who hates to see you fall,

So do not wait till it's too late

Go now! And make that call.


William Mckechnie


Lord Almighty come to me

Hear my Solemn Prayer,

You do not have to answer Lord

I know that you are there.

I feel the Holy Spirit

Yet I tempt you, Lord, I know,

But I am still your child?

And will take some time to grow.

I've been a Sinner Father

But now my head is clear,

As long as you are in my heart

You will take away my fear.

My fear of being rejected

My fear of being alone,

My greatest fear of losing Faith

As falling back is known.

I know though it won't happen

I knew this from the start,

That precious day I met You Lord

When you came into my heart.


William Mckechnie