I've self published an eBook on Amazon Kindle called First Aid in Rhyme and it's all thanks to my training with Lancashire Ambulance Service and my good friend and mentor Noel Walsh

in June 2000 I was pestered to apply for a post working for Lancashire Ambulance service on Patient Transport. I eventually caved in and posted my application and a few weeks later was invited to attend Blackpool station for a formal chat.

In July I attended an open day at Broughton Ambulance Headquarters where I had to undertake and pass a questionnaire, drive an emergency ambulance without touching the kerb and carry a very heavy mannequin up and down stairs in a carry chair with another person.

In November 2000 I started first week learning about the human body and all the different causes of unconsciousness and how to recognise signs, understand symptoms and give first aid treatment. I found the reading side of it extremely difficult as I struggle to understand the simplest of things. 

Thanks to the immense patience of both instructors Noel Walsh and Andy Smith and their hilarious manner in which they got the information across, I was able to pass week one.

Week 2 was driving skills, using the radio, filling in patient details and learning all about an ambulance inside and out and fault reporting. The best part which I thoroughly enjoyed was the skid patch and I would highly recommend it to all drivers. 

I passed week two and whilst receiving my certificate was told by the big chief "All I want to say to you William, if you ever hit a skid patch when you have patients on board please don't shout Yeehar!"

On 30th November 2000, I officially started on Patient Transport Service but only as bank staff working a few days per week. Six months later I was working full time

After three years on patient transport, my good friend and mentor Noel Walsh was telling me I should apply to become a trainer assessor as I was always eager to take on new challenges. Noel also contacted Harold Sutcliffe the Educational & Training Manager which led me to be included on one of his training sessions. After much encouragement from Noel and Harold, I applied and got the job which also gained me a certification for an NVQ level 2 in customer care.

After one year as Trainer Assessor, Noel was at it again this time telling me to apply for a secondment post working alongside him and other training officers at Broughton Headquarters.

This was a different kettle of fish as it involved me having to give a 30-minute presentation on any topic except first aid. The interview panel also had to gain something out of it. I was also up against Paramedics but I gave it my best shot and presented 30 minutes on recycling and got the job.

I attended another 4-day course this time to gain the qualifications needed for me to be a Training Officer and went out with different instructors observing them delivering a successful first aid course. After a month I went solo teaching 4-day first aid at work courses to Police, GP's, Nurses and General Public.

After 8 months I was observed by an inspector from the local college which was intensive but I was very pleased with his report as was my online manager at that time.

In May 2005 with deep regret, I left the ambulance service relocating to Royal Leamington Spa to get married. I have to say the ambulance service played a major role in my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone with or without knowledge of first aid.

First Aid can be a frightening experience especially if you are forced to do it through work. So that is why I self-published First Aid in Rhyme.  To make it easier to digest information and have a way of always remembering skills taught.

There are over 30 rhymes which also include a few Health & Safety and Kinetic Rules of lifting.  If you have any cause for concern please visit NHS Choices website.